Our Story

Splash Swim Goggles are made in the USA! We are a small family business located in Goodyear, Arizona.

Splash Swim Goggles were first created out of frustration with traditional swim goggles! As a busy mom I was tired of all the broken straps, pulled hair and constantly adjusting goggles! My son's goggles that I had just bought not even a week prior broke while getting ready for our family vacation. With no time to buy new ones, I decided to make him a new strap out of some sewing supplies I had at home. When my daughter who hated her goggles because they pulled her hair saw her brother's "new" goggles she instantly wanted some too! So I made her a pair too and hoped for the best that their new goggles would work when we got to our destination.
While we were there I couldn't believe how well they worked! I wasn't constantly having to help them, they stayed on their heads without pulling their hair, and no broken straps! My mom noticed how well they were working too.
We knew we had to make these available to everyone! In 2017 my mom and I officially launched Splash Swim Goggles! The support and love for our goggles has been amazing! We are so thankful and blessed by all the local women we work with to assemble our goggles and to all our amazing customers and retailers!

Ashley & Karen